Simple top


Simple is the classic and simple little sister of the Verano top, which is knitted from top to bottom with a light linen blend yarn.

You will receive the pattern as a downloadable pdf directly to your email after purchasing.

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Simple top is knitted top down, knitting first both shoulder straps and then joining in the round. You can easily alter the length to suit your preference. The arm hole fit is low and the top part has a beautiful ribbed edge finish. You can also add a ribbing to the hem, but that is optional and is not pictured in the pattern. 

Sizes: 1(2)3(4)5(6)7 (see measurements below)

– width of the finished top: 74(82)90(98)106(114)122 cm / 29,1(32,3)35,4(38,6)41,7(44,9)48 inches
– heigth of the finished top from shoulder to hem: 51(52)53(54)54(55)55 cm / 20(20,5)20,8(21,2)21,2(21,6)21,6 inches
– pick a size that is approx. 5 cm / 2 inches larger than your bust circumference 

Option 1: Sandnes Garn Line 3(3)4(4)5(5)5 skeins
Option 2: Garnstudio Drops Belle 3(3)4(4)5(5)5 skeins
Option 3: Isager Merilin 2(2)3(3)4(4)4 skeins

Other materials: stitch markers and a tapestry needle

Knitting needles: 4 mm /US6 double pointed needles and a 4 mm / US6 60/80cm (24/32 inches)  circular needles

Gauge: 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 inches) = 20 sts x 28 rows. (If necessary change your needle size to achieve the correct gauge)


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