Dyyni sweater


Dyyni is a soft and light v-neck sweater with a detailed design on the neckline and front. You can knit Dyyni either as a long or normal length sweater and find the instructions for both in the pattern.

After purchasing the pattern, you will receive a pattern download link (pdf) in your e-mail.


Dyyni sweater is a soft, fluffy and light v-neck sweater with a long or regular hem and slightly balloon shaped sleeves. You can knit Dyyni as a long or regular length version. Dyyni is knitted from top to bottom in one piece, starting with a neck band, from which the neckline and the upper part of the sweater are shaped with raglan increases. The sleeves are knitted directly to the body. The edging of the neckline is connected at the front and the elastic knit it forms is continued all the way down to the hem. Dyyni is knitted holding two strings of mohair together.


1(2)3(4)5(6)7(8)9 – see dimensions below


  • Bust circumference of the final sweater: 94(100)108(112)120(127)135(141)147 cm / 35,4(38,1)40,9(43,7)46,4(49,2)52(54,7)57,5 inches
  • Shirt length from shoulder to hem approx.
    • Short version: approx. 60 cm / 23,6 inches (all sizes)
    • Long version: approx. 80 cm / 31,5 inches (all sizes)

      The Dyyni sweater is designed to have approx. 15-20 cm (6-8 inches) of positive ease, meaning it is designed to be 15-20 cm (6-8 inches) larger in circumference than your bust measurement.

      Here’s how to choose the right size: Measure your own chest circumference (or the widest point on your upper body), add 15-20 cm / 15-20 inches to it, and based on the sum, choose the right size according to the dimensions of the finished shirt. For example, if your chest circumference is 100 cm / 39 inches, choose size number 5.



Option 1: Novita Tuuli 9(10)11(13)14(15)17(18)19 balls
Option 2: Isager Silk Mohair 9(11)12(14)15(17)18(20)21 balls
Option 3: Filcolana Tilia 9(11)12(14)15(17)18(20)21 balls
Option 4: Sandnes Garn Tynn silk mohair 9(11)12(14)15(17)18(20)21 balls


Option 1: Novita Tuuli 4(5)5(6)6(7)7(8)8 balls
Option 2: Isager Silk Mohair 5(5)6(7)7(8)9(10)11 balls
Option 3: Filcolana Tilia 5(5)6(7)7(8)9(10)11 balls
Option 4: Sandnes Garn Tynn silk mohair 5(5)6(7)7(8)9(10)11 balls

Note that you will hold two strands of yarn together throughout the work (the required yardage takes this into account).


Double pointed needles:

  • 4 mm (US 6)

6 mm (US 10)

Circular needles:

  • 6mm(US10)60cm/ 24inches
  • 6 mm (US 10) 80 cm / 32 inches


10 cm x 10 cm (4 x 4 inches) = 15 sts x 21 rows (on 6 mm (US 10) needles stockinette stitch


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