Billie knitted shorts


Poolaknits Billie shorts are knitted from a linen blend yarn and have handy side pockets and a drawstring at the waist.

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Billie shorts are knitted top down in one piece. The waist is made by folding the knitted waistband piece in half and creating a casing for the tightening cord, that will be made in the end. You will make two holes, where you will later pick up stitches and knit your pockets. You can choose to knit either a round shaped or a rectangle shaped pockets for your shorts. The pant legs will also have folded edges for a neat finish that you can tweak as you like (see light green shorts for example).

Sizes: 1(2)3(4)5(6)7(8)9 (see measurements below)


The circumference of the waistline on the finished shorts (waist band): approx. 60(70)80(90)100(110)120(130)140 cm
Note! Choose a size that’s closest to your actual waist circumference, as you can tighten the waistline with the cord and as the yarn loose up a bit.

The length of the shorts: 39(39)40(40)41(41)42(42(42) cm


Option 1: Sandnes Garn Tykk Line (Linen mix yarn) 7(8)9(10)11(12)13(14)15 skeins
Option 2: Sandnes Garn Line (Linen mix yarn) with yarn held double 8(9)10(11)12(13)14(15)16 skeins
Option 3: Drops Belle (Linen mix yarn) with yarn held double 7(8)9(10)11(12)13(14)15 skeins

(The bright green shorts pictured in the pattern are knitted with Sandnes Garn Tykk Line in the shade 8236 / Jelly bean green and light greens shorts in shade 8532 / pistachio)

Needles and materials: 5 mm 60 cm ja 80 cm circular needles, 5 mm (long) double pointed needles, stitch markers, tapestry needle and a safety pin.

Gauge: 10 x 10 cm = 14 sts x 24 rows
(adjust your needle size if needed, to meet the gauge)


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